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Custom With Goldpoint

Step 1

Book Appointment

Speak to one of our experienced jewelers who will guide you through the custom process and make sure you feel confident and well-informed.

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Step 2


Solidify a design from scratch using sketches, inspiration photos, or one of our pieces. We help you go over different metal options, types of settings and bands, and stone options.

Step 3

Stone Viewing

We source a variety of stone options to choose from based on your budget. We also encourage bringing your own stones to repurpose and gold to recycle.

Step 4


Once the stone and design is confirmed, we get started on either your handmade wax model or CAD model. Within a week you will receive a render to review and make any revisions necessary. To ensure we are on the right track we take it a step further and create a wax model for you to view in person. After the final approval we proceed to cast, polish, and set any stone selections made. The whole process takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

  • Step 5


    The rest is up to you! ;)