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Love Stories

Adriana & Mike

Adriana & Mike

Love Stories

Adriana & Mike

"Then trough a global pandemic, a Martial law lockdown, and a move across the Atlantic to NYC, the two of us became best friends and have now built a home here in Greenpoint."

How We Met

We met over three years ago while teaching in Spain. I had been with the same high school for two years, when I caught a glimpse of the new teacher at school—Adriana. I immediately knew I had to talk with her. Even though I had a coffee spot on his nose the whole first conversation, she politely engaged and after a few chats in the teachers lounge, we met outside of work for walks around Madrid. A flirtatious relationship soon followed and one Friday night at a madrid bar called Ocho Y Media, we kissed. Then trough a global pandemic, a Martial law lockdown, and a move across the Atlantic to NYC, the two of us became best friends and have now built a home here in Greenpoint. 

The Proposal

I knew I was ready to ask her for a while but really wanted the moment to be genuine and with friends to help me facilitate it. By the time I found GoldPoint in our local neighborhood of Greenpoint I had the means to finally get a ring to place this special family heirloom.  

With the ring made and diamond placed, we headed to Chicago, where this rock had lived many many years, along with the women who wore it. My friend had a sight seeing itinerary planned and knew to take a video and picture when I gave the word. Unbeknownst to them, and even myself, after the four of us had a splendid swim in Lake Michigan at the Fullerton steps, I knew that was the right moment. 

I asked for a picture of us in front of the skyline and nervously pulled Adriana close. After some sweet words I got down on one knee,Still wet from the lakes water, and asked her to be my wife. The moment in the picture doesn’t do it justice, but both of us were so nervous and excited it felt like a momentary blackout and then a burst of joy. 

About The Diamond

My mother gave me this miner’s cut diamond/family heirloom a while back and told me to give it to the person I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. It wasn’t until I was ready to set it in a ring that I started to learn more about it. This diamond has been in our family for over 130-140 years, dating back to around the 1880’s. 

My great great grandmother, Koula Kleros , originally purchased this in Greece (where this side of the family is from). She carried it with her until she passed it on to my great grandmother, Christina Vallas. Christina would be the one to immigrate to the United States and settle down in Chicago, Illinois sometime in the beginning of the 20th century. 

She had six kids, with my grandmother, Carrie, being the oldest and eventually inheriting this diamond. It should be noted that as the times changed and fashion shifted the diamond was placed into different styled rings. 

Carrie would pass this ring on to my mother, Christina Manolis, who would hold onto it as a keepsake instead of wear it on her hand. 

Through all the years (and all the Women in my family) this rock now fits snuggly on my fiancé’s hand, thanks in large part to the ring molded by Goldpoint, ready to begin a new chapter in its storied history.