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Lydia & Vinícius

Love Stories

Lydia & Vinícius

"We ate a picnic of burgers and fries and I decided it was time for me to do my own proposal..."

The Proposal

The first apartment Vin and I ever lived in together was a 500 square ft apartment in an old Park Slope brownstone. It was the coziest of spaces but we were bursting at the seams both working from home and with two cats. On February 20th, we moved out. After the apartment was emptied we went back to do a final sweep. It was mid afternoon and the sunlight was streaming in through the old windows so we laid on the floors and spent a long time reminiscing with some bittersweet tears about leaving the space and how much it taught us to communicate and live together. It was then laying on the hardwood floors that Vin asked me to marry him in a place that was so formative to our relationship. It was the most romantic, meaningful, and perfect moment. I was shocked, so happy, so surprised by the timing, exhausted from the move! We decided to keep this proposal between us for a little bit until after all the stress of moving had died down.

A couple of weeks later, we headed to Jacob Riis beach on a cold winter day. We ate a picnic of burgers and fries and I decided it was time for me to do my own proposal to Vin. I looked left and right to make sure we are alone on the beach and....all of a sudden Vin is making another speech and proposing to me again! After many elated tears, I then got down on my knees and asked him if he wanted to marry me. Lots of kisses, tears and declarations of 'Yes/Sim' that day!